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How does student nutrition breakfast eat?
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Ideal breakfast of = of staple food of vegetable + of + of milk + egg, add a fruit again, saying to go up is " gold breakfast "
Eat so that be inferior to eating more to get choice
Rise in the morning, although already was discharged in the stomach empty, but because vivid momentum is not big, some children always feel not hungry in the morning, also do not want to eat breakfast. Additional, some students go to school early, time insecurity, mealtime is short. Accordingly, breakfast need not eat many meal, want quality only tie-in and tall, reasonable advocate non-staple food is OK.
Drinking milk everyday is best filling calcium measure (although people has different knowledge to milk, but right amount and measurable it is important dietary principle, growing to the child also is need -- the editor-in-charge notes) , calcic quantity is contained to amount to 120 milligram in milk of every 100 milliliter, if drink 250 milliliter milk everyday, what can obtain 300 milligram is calcic, the calcic supply that is equivalent to Chinese nutrition learning to recommend measures 40 % of the standard. Such, absorb calcium to amount to supply to measure 50 % of the standard from inside other edibles again, both addition, satisfy requirement basically. In addition, there had better be an egg in breakfast everyday. All nutrition that the egg contains a lot oflife place to need become cent and active matter, it is the optimal choice of human breakfast.
Some parents have a lot of things early to the child greatly, not only have milk, egg, still steamed stuffed bun, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, hamburger, chocolate is waited a moment, think to take a place more " be able to bear or endure hungry " . Little imagine, overfeeding can affect the study in the morning instead. Basis " south forefinger of Chinese dweller board " , the origin of quantity of heat of nutrient breakfast should include protein, adipose with carbohydrate, 3 person scale should be close to 1 ∶ 0.7 ∶ 5, all sorts of vitamins that can offer person place to need and mineral, wait like calcic, zinc, iron. Appetite is poor in the morning, the parent should arrange a few color, sweet, flavour, form to provide charming breakfast as far as possible, breakfast often also should change pattern to do.
Vegetable fruit cannot little
If add milk, egg, vegetable,staple food regards as the standard of ideal breakfast, so, if plus the fruit, saying to go up is " gold breakfast " . But according to investigation, in student breakfast most those who lack is vegetable and fruit. Staple food, egg products, flesh kind, grandma kind although contain a lot ofcarbohydrate and protein, adipose, but all be the food with much element of the phosphor that contain sulfur, belong to acidity food, and vegetable fruit is basic provision, contain a lot ofnot only carotene and a variety of water-solubility vitamins, still contain the nutriment such as a lot of calcium, Potassium, magnesium. If student breakfast has eaten much acidity food, and will counteract without alkalescent food, can bring about blood to slant acidity, can make a person whole thinking is not centered in the morning. Accordingly, the vegetable in breakfast cannot little, can choose a few tastily assorted pickle, mix cucumber, candy mixes tomato is waited a moment. Eat the vegetable of certain amount, can maintain the balance of haemal acid-base value not only, ease the pressure that gastric bowel, return the vitamin that can provide certain amount in time for airframe, healthy to the student growth is very good. In addition, if conditional, breakfast had better increase a fruit that contains a lot ofa vitamin again.
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